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Hahahahaha fucking brilliant

It's nice to see someone making comedies out of contemporary issues, especially as something as important as Wikileaks. So major props for that.

But this was pretty fucking hilarious, mainly because it emphasized how paranoid certain establishments are of the "TRUTH" coming out. This world is so corrupt on almost ALL levels that it's never a surprise when I hear of the disclosure of something dubious.

As far as "reminding me of South Park" - well, no comment. I wouldn't have even thought of it unless I had read the comment section before watching it.

"Where am I? What the hell are these?!!"

So the bear pretty much made this worth watching. ;)

Hold on...

...Gimme a sec while I READJUST MY FUCKING FACE. O_0

This has to be one of the funniest cartoons you've ever made. Hands down.

Over-the-top would be an understand.

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Nice concept, poor execution

-Liked the retro style. Can't go wrong the pixels.
-The explosions were pretty fluent and well animated, and I dig most of the effects.
-I honestly didn't mind the over-the-top flashes. I mean, we are dealing with Unicorns.

-Too slow. The game's style and excessive effects should have been met with a faster pace.
-Boring. This game gets old very quickly. No diversity in enemies or scenery, really.

And lastly...
IT'S NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TO AVOID ENEMY BULLETS. This is the game's biggest flaw, and one that you must have forced yourself to overlook.
Seriously, the inability to dodge bullets made me stop playing after 3 minutes.

C'mon, man.


Just like the cartoons, this movie is unoriginal and bland. I never though the Tankmen (besides being creatively animated) had any value at all - rehashed dick jokes, 1-Dimensional characters, boring set/setting etc..

Well now I can sleep peacefully knowing the game is just as shitty.

Way to go.

C01 responds:

There must be something wrong with you.

Great style, lacked flexibility

So i'm not going to review the game based on it's plot, because obviously, most people play FLASH shooters for the gameplay, and the plot is secondary to everything else. Although I will say I enjoyed how the plot unfolded as you went along.

-The animation, art, and style were top notch. The effects (blood, gunfire, etc...) were well done, and honestly, the visual aspect to this game was what really made it.
-Atmosphere: Unlike most flash games, this one really took time to develop an eerie atmosphere, and elements such as the flashlight only added to the intensity.
-Upgrades: I didn't play long enough to experience the ENTIRE range of the upgrades, but from what I experienced, the upgrades took the edge of an otherwise monotonous game.
-Environment/setting: Although this shooter took a very linear approach, I felt the different routes you could explore helped provide a somewhat "sandbox" feel.
-Diversity in enemies/characters: The introduction of constantly new enemies was refreshing, and I liked how each enemy had a different weakness/strength. It was an element that kept me wanting to play.

-The inability to point my gun in specific direction without jumping around really bugged me. This is a huge drawback, and unfortunately, really lowered the replay value of Breach. I would have liked to see a mouse-controlled aiming interface, or at least the ability to angle the weapon.
-Easy: Although the bosses were pretty difficult, everything about this game was a little too easy. Just AIM, SHOOT, and MOVE ON. Had you implemented a better aiming system, I feel as though you could have added another dimension to the enemies that would have added more challenge.
-Frustrating for the wrong reasons: Although easy, it was challenging in the wrong departments, such as shooting enemies, figuring out where you're supposed to go etc... But again, all this leads back to the aiming factor.

All in all, fun gameplay (although a bit tedious), AMAZING art/animation, unique style, fun plot, and above-average sound effects. Unfortunately, the game had one fundamental flaw which really hurt the experience. I'd definitely like to see a second one, with the ability TO ACTUALLY AIM. Good work though :)

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You've got flow, dude. And your voice is unique. So props.

As for the beats, they kinda cancelled out your voice occaisonally, and some of the drums (like the crash) sounded kinda fake, but other than that, dope.

westnyle responds:

thanks bro


Hearing people with English accents rap is amusing. Especially when they say 'n***a'.
Or 'clapped.'

BOOMBLAST responds:

Amusing? why does everyone keep using that word, haha, i dont really know what to say to this comment bruddah, you aint given man much of an idea if you liked the ting or not, sooo thanks?

awesome midget fucking holiness

For real, form a real band that does this shit, my friend. You could be the next Job for a Cowboy...

BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOMB BOOM doodlvvvvvvvv.v......v.v.v.v.v.v.

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You Are the Master of "Nipple Eyes"

Link with "nipple eyes" makes for a good variation on a boner.

However, I would have liked to see Link's penis slightly protruding from his man-skirt. I would have cum twice as fast had you done that, but as it is, it still gets me hot and bothered..

..Like some sort of irritable Sun dwelling entity.

I'm a dedicated underachiever.

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